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Sorry for Everything

by Isanayoruho

Suguru was violated by his father on a daily basis, and bore several of his children, though their whereabouts are unknown. Eventually, his father unilaterally dissolved the bond and deserted him, along with his unborn child. By the time Gojo finds him in a garbage dump of an institution, he is already too far gone to be able to hold a proper conversation.

With its underground perspective and potent sexual depictions, this is certainly a captivating book. We hope you enjoy this book from Isa-sensei, replete with unusual and unethical sexual perversions.

Isa-sensei has released a free, publicly accessible version of this doujin, hence we have opted not to password protect it any longer. Show them your love and support by purchasing a copy from the link below. If you need any help navigating the linked site, reach out to Daddy's bussies in Dickord!

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