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Love in Exile

by Tinpan


In a room of a derelict building, as he is about to consume a cursed spirit, Geto turns towards the sound of his name. Then he gulps the spirit down and responds, “Long time no see, Satoru.” Looking at Gojo for the first time in a long time, he wonders aloud if his outfit is a halloween costume. Gojo parries casually, telling Geto his monk cosplay suits him...

Then he asks, “Any last words?”

This is the story of Geto meeting his best friend for the first time since their estrangement several years earlier, and of losing that friend. We hope you enjoy this reunion tale of these former best friends, the sense of distance that hangs between them, and the sequence of events that follow. (Ai no Ryuukeichi)

DO NOT share/reupload this doujin or contents from it (pages, screenshots, translations) anywhere! Don't help the owners of aggregator websites profit off Tinpan-sensei.

Show Tinpan-sensei your love and support by purchasing a copy from the link below. If you need any help navigating the linked site, reach out to Daddy's bussies in Dickord!

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