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Honeyed Death Wish

by Akizou

"It seems like from December to March, winter is truly the season of death." Des, a coroner who found better company in the dead,  met Theodore while attending a patient's funeral. Reverently followed by his subordinates, Theodore is the "businessman" who holds the city in his grasp. However, Des' gaze was far from fanatical worship as his eyes followed the other man,  his expression a combination of lust and suspicion. A few days later, while Des was indulging in his taboo predilections, an unplanned corpse was deposited onto his autopsy table.  When he opened the body bag, he was surprised to find Theodore's bruised body before him. In an instant, Des unconsciously kissed him—A coroner and an elite businessman crossed paths during a ceremony of death. Two souls bewitched by the forbidden, heading towards the confines of immorality...

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