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Double Therapy

by Kazu

Ichiro celebrates his twentieth birthday by having his first alcoholic drink together with Samatoki.

A year ago, he wouldn’t have imagined drinking with Samatoki in his wildest dreams. Ichiro isn’t all too impressed with his first taste of alcohol, but having Samatoki with him makes it much more delicious. The two are having a really great time, when suddenly, Ichiro passes out. Then, when he opens his eyes… he sees two Samatokis?


“Hey, Ichiro-kun. Finally awake?”

“Hm, you’ve gotten bigger.”

How will the story unfold…?

Please enjoy this dive into deep, slow sex!

DO NOT share/reupload this doujin or contents from it (pages, screenshots, translations) anywhere! Don't help the owners of aggregator websites profit off Kazu-sensei.

Show Kazu-sensei your love and support by purchasing a copy from the link below. If you need any help navigating the linked site, reach out to Daddy's bussies in Dickord!

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