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Second Cherry Boy

by Kazu

Having reconciled, Ichiro and Samatoki have sex for the first time in two years. After two years of no sex, Ichiro is excited to feel Samatoki's sexed-up body again, but also worried if he'll even be able to satisfy him. And so Ichiro wanted to give slow sex a try.

"Sorry. I wanna fuck you so bad, I can't help it."

What started as an attempt at slow sex ended up at their usual pace. A book filled with tons of sexy scenes of Samatoki drowning in pleasure and Ichiro feeling so good he can't stop. ♡

Joint ejaculation with Hypnotized Division Scans.

DO NOT share/reupload this doujin or contents from it (pages, screenshots, translations) anywhere! Don't help the owners of aggregator websites profit off Kazu-sensei.

Show Kazu-sensei your love and support by purchasing a copy from the link below. If you need any help navigating the linked site, reach out to Daddy's bussies in Dickord!

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